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Dust Rising Studios   ersco55@gmail.com
01-09-2009 11:45:23 PM CST
Hey, man! brilliant site, sista-girl! ha... I can not wait to slowly & haltingly peruse thru your album taking in every awesome detail! your site is brilliant! cheers mate! e~

Mike DeLeon
01-03-2009 7:43:24 PM CST
Caroline, Everyone who sees our Indiana Jones Room is blown away. Everyone comments on the attention to detail, the adults as well as the children. We can't thank you enough, our grandchildren really enjoy their room. You have become part of our family. Love Mike and Star

Marlene   azhorses@aol.com
12-29-2008 8:13:56 PM CST
Caroline, What an impressive web site! It was soooooo easy to navigate. I really enjoyed the time I spent there. I sent it to some friends. My husband had to drag me off for diner. I had no idea of the scope of your work. I can hardly wait to see your booth at the Home & Garden Expo Center.

12-23-2008 1:03:43 PM CST
Hi everyone! Please leave me a message, I'd love to hear from you!

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